So I got an iPhone X 4 replies

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#1 6 months ago

So why not do a mini review of it of sorts?

Well, I am overall pleased with the upgrade. The screen is lovely, first off, the whole design of it looks great. The fact it's all glass now is a little odd to hold in the hand, more slippery than the metallic feel of my 6S Plus, but I soon got used to that.

While the screen is BIGGER than my 6S Plus was, the device itself is a fair bit smaller. This is great for my pocket and it's lighter to hold, but my hands being giant skillet-like affairs mean I feel a bit odd holding this one for now. I'll get used to it but I wouldn't have minded a bit more width.

As for the new gestures to navigate, well, it's easy to learn, real easy. Within 10 minutes I was used to it, and I don't see what the fuss is here. If anything I find the new gestures and button combos even better than on the old phones.

Face ID works really well. I love hate relationship with it currently as when I am holding the phone, I can just turn it on and swipe up and if I am looking at it, it just unlocks, no fuss, great. It's also great for app authentication.

It's more annoying as, as it is now, when it is lying on the table, and I want to track the status of my Uber Eats order from time to time. I can't just put my fingerprint down and see what it was. I have to either pick the phone up and mess about or I have to enter a pin, cause Face ID does not work at extreme angles.

Cameras are amazing, the front camera has a nice portrait mode which gives you some nice background blurring effects like this;

The effect is pretty good, some oddness around the edges but still looks nice overall.

The best camera feature is the 2x optical zoom on the rear due to the dual camera lenses;

2x Zoom may not seem a lot, but I've been wanted this on my phone camera for so long now, I often found the old phone had too wide angle lense for far away objects or to capture a portrait of somebody or something. This will be used often I feel.

There are some other bits and bobs, speakers sound much nicer, the haptic feedback is excellent, and I can finally use QI Wireless Charging again, nearly years 10 years after that was first invented, so, go figure.

But yeah, happy overall!

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#2 6 months ago

How'd the Kool-Aid taste?

The notch on the screen would drive me nuts.

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#3 6 months ago

I kinda like it to be honest. It does not get in the way of anything at all. 

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#4 6 months ago

The most interesting thing about high-end smartphones are the cameras in my opinion. Pretty amazing how good they got over the last couple of years.

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#5 6 months ago

Hmm. Having had an iphone and gone back to an android, there are positives and negatives. The stuff it does it does well, there's a lot of bother that goes along with getting stuff off of and on to the device though.

Still, nice phones for what they are. Not sure they're £1,000 nice - I can get a pretty good computer for that or a reasonable-ish second hand car - but if you've got the money, hey ho ^_^

Face recognition to unlock seems a nice idea - and I always liked just lifting the things to see the notifications.