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#31 13 years ago
Captain AmerikaYeah kinda funny, I have Cable and I've never gone beyond 70 kbs per second. I know some ppl how have DSL and have downloaded beyond 2.0 mbs per second. So envious. Yeah, fiber-optic was supposed to be installed EVERYWHERE, but that never happened.

Cable should go much faster then that...unless you are being capped.



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#32 13 years ago

Fastest you can get in Finland is AFAIK 24/1MBps, but you have to live next to a phone center in a few cities, and pay about 65€/month.

I can only get a 12/1MBps ADSL2 connection here (and I live in the 5th biggest city, so most people in the countryside can be happy to get 1MBps, and some people living outside major villages can't get better than 56k at all), and probably it wouldn't reach that either as I don't know where my phone central is, and anyway it would be 55€/month...

The ridiculous government plan on spreading high-speed connections is focused on nonsense techniques, as downloads with terrestrial digital-TV, and uploads with 56k modems, satellite connections etc. :p They were clearly told to start building fibre by the experts, but did they listen? :(

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#33 13 years ago

The fastest I can get in Britain at the moment is 2mbps, I can't get any faster in my area and a lot of people are the same. But I'm not complaining, as up until about 2 years ago you couldn't even get BROADBAND here at all, and I live right by the town centre. There are still some areas of Britain suffering from a lack of any coverage, areas which really should have been covered a long time ago, though they are finally being dealt with now. I don't know where you got the idea that Britain has good internet access from. I would suggest that Britain is technologically retarded in many ways... low broadband access and a lack of high speed options despite the fact that more Brits use the 'net than in any other (separate) European country. We're only now just starting to get 10mbps connections, and the areas where this is available are limited to say the least. We also pay a lot more for what is technically a lot less, both for our internet connections and our mobile phones and so forth. Things are only just improving now, years after other countries have moved ahead.