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#1 1 year ago

There's no question that cameras in smartphones are getting ridiculously good - hell, the camera in my iPhone 6S plus is so good now that I don't bother bringing a DSLR anymore when I go on a trip or whatever else.

They're not perfect yet though, but Sony has announced it's developed the world's first 3 layer stacked CMOS image sensor, with integrated DRAM, that will fit comfortably into a smartphone.

The 21.2MP, 1/2.3", 1.22µm sensor packs 1Gb of DRAM between the pixel layer and circuit layer. Images and footage is stored on the DRAM chip, then exported to the phone's ISP for processing. Basically the connection from the camera to the phone is much slower than from the camera to the chip.

The reason why this matters is that it greatly decreases the time it takes to process and capture a picture - one of the great problems still remaining with smartphone cameras is taking pictures of moving objects - you get a skewing effect as the image is taken from top to bottom.

An example, and one that is often applicable to myself, a moving train;


The bottom picture, taken with Sony's new technology, captures and processes the picture quickly enough that the train looks natural - the first picture has the skewing effect.

But even more impressively, the technology allows video capture at up to 1000fps.

I don't know how much internal storage a phone would need to capture clips at this frame rate, but the technology is impressive regardless.

I can't wait until the day my phone has a camera like this.

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#2 1 year ago

That is pretty impressive. I never saw the point in buying a high-end smartphone, but I don't have a DSLR and don't really like the idea of lugging one around on vacation. That kind of camera in a smartphone would probably make me reconsider. But I guess it will take a while before these things start showing up in phones.

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#3 1 year ago
"FileTrekker"An example, and one that is often applicable to myself, a moving train;

You're a moving train?

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#4 1 year ago
"FileTrekker"An example, and one that is often applicable to myself, a moving train;

You're a moving train?

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#5 1 year ago

I believe the term is METRO-sexual ;)

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