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14th February 2006

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#1 10 years ago

So today, I ran out and bought the much anticipated spore creature creator. I checked to make sure that my computer could handle it. And in most cases, almost everything was above the minimum requirements. Except pixel shader. I need 2.0. Im at 1.6. Now I would hardly think that that would be game breaking at all. But unfortunately, whenever I try to run the game, it gets to the big EA screen, then just shuts down. Here are the specs for the game (im running this on windows XP):

2.0GHz processor 512mb RAM 2 GB of hard drive space 128 mb video card with support for pixel shader 2.0

My computer's specs:

2.20 GHz processor 1 GB of ram 44 GB hard drive space 128 mb video card (radeon 9600) with smartshader 2.0 (which is the 1.6 pixel shader)

I have already tried updating all of my drivers. None of them needed updating. I checked to make sure that the Radeon 9600 was supported by this game, and it is. I tried running it in windowed mode. I even dicked around in the program files to change all the settings to low. None of it has worked.