Star Trek Voyager Elite Force: getting a Map to Work in Rpgx-2.0 1 reply

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24th November 2020

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#1 1 month ago


I finally reinstalled my Elite force game on my lap top after many years, and I've installed the Rpgx-Mod,  I'm trying to figure out how to get a specific map to work in game. Its been a wile for me and any assistance would be greatly appreciated on how to actually get maps or load maps in game. 

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#2 1 month ago

Hey there! Always good to see folks still playing one of the best FPS games of its era!

Which map are you trying to get working? I don't have any first hand experience with RPG-X, and while I'm sure they make some tweaks for their RPG stuff, in the base game it's typically just a matter of dropping the map file (should have the file extension .pk3) into the BaseEF folder in your installation directory.

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