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25th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Right, so i want to host a Half-Life2 Deathmatch server, via Listening (me playing too with the others)

So i tried setting up a static IP address.

This is what i did

- went to and took that ip -Went into my router settings and opened the ports from 27000-30000, just to make sure it would work -Started a server, peeps could'nt join.

Second try

-Did all of the above -Tried setting up a static IP in the OS with the _EXACT_ same setting, cept for the ip which i changed to the one i got from, couldn't connect after doing that -> -Didn't work

So now i was getting anooyed

-DId all of the above -Forwarded _ALL_ ports to the ip -didnt work

So yeah, what should i do? Anyone know _EXCACTLY_ how to do it?

I'm running WINXP_PRO with SP2 :)


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28th July 2004

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#2 13 years ago

You can only get a static IP address from your Internet Service Provider. They usually make you pay extra for the privilege, since most people needing static IPs will have more upstream traffic which puts load on their own servers. You could try requesting one for free, but I've not seen many ISPs that give them away for nothing.

One thing you can do is use to get a static IP address which routes to your dynamic one. They give you a batch script to download which, when you're connected to the internet, you can run and it will tell what your current dynamic IP address is so it can route to it. This will be slow, however, since everything to do with Half-Life 2 will have to route through's servers - it's only really effective for web servers.

I think what you were doing was giving your computer on your network a static IP address. This would mean that any other computer connected to your router could talk to your computer using a static IP address, but not the outside world. You could have a static IP address set for your computer on your home network exactly the same as your IP address outside and it still wouldn't be static, I'm afraid.

If you want your server to be permanantly on, i.e. not just for a game with friends, then you'll need a static IP address. If it's just for games with friends from time to time, just use MSN or something to tell them your current dynamic IP address (using your method - and they can connect to your server using it. However, this will expire eventually.

What my own ISP does is assigns an IP address to me dynamically but I get to keep it as long as I am connected to the internet. So as long as my router stays on, I keep the same IP address always - it's as good as a static IP address. If there is a power cut or my router is switched off, then I lose that IP and am assigned a new one.