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#1 16 years ago

I just built a new PC basically so I could play Half Life 2 and Doom 3 both on high graphics mode, so I bought an Nvidia 6800 Ultra graphics card and an AMD 64 3800 processor. The two games run awesome, but for some reason, games like Far Cry (relatively new game) and Dungeon Keeper 2 ???(very old game), when started, they crash the computer and restart it, making a very unhealthy sound in the actual pc. I had the same problem, when using my old TNT2 graphics card (although Far Cry didnt even load the start up menu, probably cos the graphics card was too old), but with dungeon keeper 2 i had the same problem. It kept reebooting the system when I tried to play the game. So i cant play Far Cry on my new PC.....but Half Life 2 and DOOM 3 both work amazingly. I'm out of idea's. Not that I had many. Anybody here know how to help me, or at least what the cause could be.? Steveo