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#1 12 years ago


I have my main computer set as a wireless access point using the manually configured IP and I have a laptop which accesses whose IP is Everything was working great until a few weeks ago when - for no reason - this started happening...

When I start the laptop up, the wireless network is detected but no data is sent or received at all. Pinging the main PC gives "Destination host unreachable". However - to sort this temporarily I do this: * Change laptop's wireless adapter to "Automatically assign IP" * Data is sent to main PC, but PC's firewall blocks the unknown IP * Then I change the laptop's IP back to * This works, and the network functions as it should.

But the problem is I have to go through all that every time I use the laptop! I'm assuming something's wrong with the "initiation" of the network at first, then when I change it to Automatic IP, it starts sending data. Why would this be??

Any help appreciated! Cheers.


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#2 12 years ago

I have an idea. Go into network Connections. Left Click,tehn to support(leave this open) Now go back to the connection,right click properties. Look for internet protcall in teh box and hit properties. Make sure you use "use the follwing Ip adress" Fill in teh boxes with your other box(the one you right clciked on) Now fill teh DNS one wiht your IP, leave teh other alone. Hit ok, and try it. It may take awhile to reset. If it fails put ti back on "atomaticly...blah bla blah"