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14th February 2004

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#1 12 years ago

My computer has, hands down, the worst sound software ever. The sheer uselessness of it utterly and completely transcends imagination.

Now, it's like this. When I first bought this computer, it became apparent that it had a strange tendency to reinstall the sound card drivers every time I reboot, some sort of stupid ADD. But more importantly, I cannot change between speakers and headphones without shutting down all programs first, including browsers with YouTube on, games etc, otherwise there will be no sound at all. This is a huge flaw because of the many different people who use this computer with their own sound preferences.

Then a few days ago, the computer finally came to the end of shit creek. The sound system is kapoot. Gone. Dead. The speakers don't work. The headphones don't work. Uninstalling the sound software, simply called "High Definition Audio Device" and letting it reinstall automatically upon startup doesn't work. Buying a new sound card doesn't work. Setting either the speakers, headphones, or the new sound card as the "default device" doesn't work.

The worst part is that the computer INSISTS it has sound. It cannot detect any of it's own problems whatsoever. The sound icon to the bottom right does not have an X on it, and you can actually adjust the volume there. And interestingly, one of the default playback devices simply called "Speakers - High Definition Audio Device" has permanently marked itself as "unplugged", even if it isn't.

I am using Vista Home Premium and I know it's not Vista's problem because I have another computer running on Vista Home Basic which has no such problems at all.

Now, currently all I feel like doing is letting this glorified typewriter get crushed by an 18-wheeler on account of it's despicable, I'm-sorry-Dave-I-cannot-do-that defiance. I really need some help.