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#1 13 years ago

Well i dunno if i have a stuck or dead pixel. Ive heard that dead pixels are black, and stuck are blue or red or green or somthing like that. Anyways down in the bottom right corner of my screen, i noticed a cyan bluish pixel on my white background. I tried other backround colors green, yellow, grey, purple, etc and that pixel still showed up cyan bluish, then i tried a red background and it showed up black, then when i tried a black background i couldn't see it. i thought stuck only showed up as one color. so at this point i am confused if whether i have a dead or stuck pixel :confused:

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#2 13 years ago

You have a stuck pixel. Dead pixels are completely inoperable and therefore show up as black, stuck pixels are partially functional yet usually remain fixed on a single color.

Try gently massaging the affected area of the screen with a cloth (Note: if you're too rough this can do more harm than good), and see if it comes back to life. Failing that there are several seizure-inducing "stuck pixel fixer" applications in circulation that rapidly flash brightly colored patterns across the panel in an attempt to resurrect the malfunctioning pixel.

If none of the above works and it's really bugging you I'd suggest RMAing the unit, assuming it's still in warranty.