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#1 10 years ago

The title says almost all, yet i didn't said what Phenom i'll use, how i want to cool it & what frequency i'd like to reach. So without any further delays : 1) this will be either 9850, or upcoming 9950 quad-core; 2)don't have money for LCS, so i'll use copper heatpipe with cooler - simply put air-cooled; & 3)the frequency will be from 2.5/2.6 default -> 3.6 on 10x multiplier. The Phenom(s) (any of those 2) will obviously be Black Edition, as u see. :lol: jk. Suggestions as what best PSU to use, what brand cooling, how to ventilate it, etc... Want to see if i can reach the 3.6GHz mark for the AMD's quads, preferrably X4 9950 BE (if such CPU will be released). Thanx.