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#1 13 years ago

Hi I have a problem with my Belkin router. I have the new 802.11g 125Mbs wireless router (F5D7231UK4) and I have found what ports i need to assign from the teamspeak FAQ here I was wondering what boxes do you put these port values into? Does anyone know how to forward ports on a belkin router? Thanks router1ez.jpg


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#2 13 years ago

Under "Inbound Port". Same number in both boxes.

Or if its 2 numbers such as 8080 and 8088. Then you could put 8080 in the first "Inbound Port" box, and 8088 in the last "Inbound Port" box. Although not recommended.

It its similiar to.

2363, 2364, 2365, 2366, 2367. Then put 2363 in the first "Inbound Port" box, and 2367 in the last "Inbound Port" box.

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#3 13 years ago

If you're a client connecting to a teamspeak server outside your private network, I don't think you need worry about this section (it's for inbound connections)

If you have outbound access control, you need to go into (I think) "client IP filters" section and create a rule a little like this:

source - destination - protocol - port your PC's IP - anywhere - udp - 8767

good luck ;)