the best gaming mouse/keyboard combo? 12 replies

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24th April 2004

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#11 16 years ago
M!tchok i have a Genius (no jokes please) optical cordless mouse and keyboard, as they are budget items they dont really match my uber pc that i just built who uses what make and model and why? also does any one till use a ball mouse fro gaming i hear that it is possible to get a cordless ball mouse but im not sure if this is true, i going to search anyway but here's a chance to educate me :talker:

I'm using an old ball mouse right now because my optical broke :uhoh: . Infared sensor doesn't work anymore. Both mice were from logitech.

I don't really need the xtra buttons for gaming though. I have my own solution that works. Nostromo n50 game pad. 10 keys, 8-direction thumb analong pad and scroll, all at your figertips for under $30. On 98 and ME system it detects it as a mouse.

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#12 16 years ago

El_Destructothx, now i just gotta get sum cash.

i take it that rarely spins/locks as well?

i have not had any problem so far, except for the small button on the side between the forward/back buttons if i accidentally pushed it, the game was minimized as it works as an application switch, all i did was disable it and no more probs

Thinking about it.


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22nd November 2004

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#13 16 years ago

im guessing battery life depends on how much gaming u do with the mouse daily, say if u play FPS game for about 2- 4 hrs a day, that could be a big battery usage right there, as opposed to just surfing the web.

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