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23rd October 2007

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#21 11 years ago

K, Back... I only have 2 more parts left to buy before I can stick it all together, that is the Motherboard, and Ram... The Ram is being a bitch to get my hands on, cause I only want 1066 minimum, and the place that sells what I want, wont stock it lol... But next Thursday, if all goes well, I will have the build! Hurrah!

Got the CPU tonight, E8400, the DVD Drive the other day, plain boring Asus DL DVD+/- R/RW nothing special, the case I've already mentioned, GPU is my current 8800GT until I get the 9900GT, and PSU is again, same Antec I currently have. HDD I got a 250GB Sata Seagate, ditched the idea of Raid.

For about a week I'll be using an extreamly old CRT monitor lol, like 17" but, that will be replaced with the following pay by a 22" LCD. Then my new pay is another 250GB HDD, and a further 2GB of ram, bring the total HDD to 500GB, and Ram to 4GB. But for the time being atleast, I should see my system up by next Thursday, which is 7 days from today... And to make it better...Its a public holiday tomorrow for Anzac day! Which means the next 3 days will go hell fast! So It will feel even sooner haha! Can't wait!

I'll photograph the baby when I get her home... Oh, and hows this, I know its corny, but I couldn't resist, I brought 8, Blue LED Tube lights, that I will place 4 on each edge of the clear side panel, and 2 under the front opening case panel, and 2 at the top of the case... I know its gay, but it looks SWEET! And only cost me 5 bucks per light!