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#1 10 years ago

To quote myself:

"You hear me. House of the Dead. I still play it. I downloaded it off of abandonware/utopia. At my grandmother's house, it worked perfectly. Blasted the crap outta zombies without a problem. Now, on my home computer, I've got a problem. I use WINRAR on both computers. I start up HOTD .exe, and I loads, then I get black screen, than that error sound, and it refuses to load game. I can't even use the install option on there wither. If you want to check out my problem, check out where I downloaded it from, and try it yourself. Abandonware Utopia | Telecharger The House of the Dead

I don't know a lot about finding out my specs, but I do know I've got a powerful graphics card (can run Crysis), a powerful chipset, a surround sound system, Windows 2000 (unfortunately) I've also got a CPU at a max of 18 My Grandma's PC is XP, with a CPU max of 20. We both use WINRAR.

NEW INFO! I finally got to read error message. If any1 can decipher the Tech Language in it, it'd help "Application Error! C:\Docume~1\Locals~1\Temp\R... (kept on going) An privileged instruction was executed at address 001816be! Click on OK to terminate the application."

Then HOTD give me a black screen

It's been re-downloaded several times. Yes, I'm just double left clicking it. I've followed the error message's text, I got to the "Temp" folder, and there's nothing there"

I need help from some of the brainiacs around this place!