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Gigabyte EX58-UD5 "The differences here are minor, but interesting. The EX58-UD5 uses more wattage overall on average, but managed to draw a little bit less in the CPU/GPU test" My board.(I didn't post this to promote "my" board, although I haven't read a bad or non praised review yet.)I started out searching for why "turbo" and "extreme" BIOS setting where different or used. But what is cool is the reason why the above statement is made. If you take a piece of copper wire (solid core to be easy to see results, or any metal) take a BIC lighter and an ohm meter.Heat up a section and watch the the resistance go up and quick too. The electrons become excited in the atom and create resistance, ohms goes up right away. any "conductor" The reason he can't explain it is because the people today read web pages, overclocking etc etc. Because they put more copper (conductor) in the board itself it can get rid of the heat and will allow MORE current to pass that creates less heat from passing through(silver the best known conductor but has bad skin resistance,ie, corrodes).If I have a thick wire the electricity itself will never make the metal hot and less resistance to it.(if you shove a bunch of electrons through a conductor it excites the atomic level electrons creating resistance, and heat) If you take a "semiconductor" and hold a BIC lighter to it an ohm meter, the resistance also increases very very fast. But because of the junction we invented it will conduct MORE current the hotter it gets. So view the copper foil as a power supply to each chip, both will be less hot and helping each. That is why the power ratio with cpu/gpu load went down. blame it on supplying more power to them because of the thicker (conductor) and more heat dissipation surrounding the "semiconductor". The reason "it uses more wattage" is because it can, the whole thing (board) in watts. very cool stuff we invented since the first transistor, very cool.:smokin: