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#51 10 years ago

Junk angel;4781854ME? What is this attrocity you speak of. A part of my subconsciousness rears slightly at that word, but it quickly dies again.

And that I believe is the view of the vast majority, including MS.

:( Maybe I shouldn't say this but I'm still using mine. I got it in 2001 and it's still working good now(even this very second). I upgraded the hard drive to 160gig

The only minor problem was/is a lack of support from companies(even when it was an active system). But even today most of the software I use works ok(Printers, external hard drives, Jumpdrives... and cable ISP).

I find it harder nowdays to get stuff to run on my 98SE(I keep the older systems for the older games, as I've noticed my Vista won't run all my older games).