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18th July 2003

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#1 12 years ago


How are you?

How's life, the kids and your folks? Good I hope.

so uh. I don't have cable/premium, etc. I have standard air-wave TV. It sucks. Staticky as hell. I got those digital-analog boxes. Two things. When there IS a signal, it's damn good/clear/sharp. However, frequently the image freezes and rebuffers and gets all pixelated for a few seconds. I'd rather deal with constant static where I have a constant picture an audio then, "My fel--- Americ-- I p--n you with th--". Second thing. I don't get many channels with it. I don't even get Fox. I watch COPS on Fox. I need fox.

So basically, I stumbled upon a few things on eBay. They offer to sell you "a CD full of different legal programs that access channels such as CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, ESPN, etc etc all legally from your computer."

Is this worth the money? From what i can tell from the screenshots, it looks like windows media player streaming from different servers.

Any suggestions?


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1st January 2005

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#2 12 years ago

LOL, you should have maybe put this question in my thread here that deals with that very same subject. Together we may have drawn more interest in the topic. I too am looking into such services but am very skeptical whether they deliver what they claim to.

I just spent a while talking to a neighbor that said he tried one of them a while ago and that he only got a few channels that were stable without hiccups, even with a fast 7MB connection. He did say however that they may have improved the service since he tried it or that there may be better ones than the one he tried.

Still though, despite what another guy that just moved into our apt said about his brother having such a service and it having HD quality channels, I am not yet convinced that any of these services are what they're cracked up to be.