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#1 13 years ago

ok, so im trying to network my laptop with my desktop and im having a little bit of a problem ok first off i have a desktop i built, brand new, running vista ultimate, and my laptop, also brand new, running vista home premium. now ive been trying to set up a network between them and after messing around for a little while i seem to be stuck ok, i have set up the network, both computers see eachother, and i can set any folders i want to share, and i can see all the files i want from one computer on the other. However, if i go to say play an audio file, it opens, but windows media kinda freezes up, and the song plays like 10 secounds then stops for 10, then plays and so on. so i figured this is because im using an old ass router (old linksys wireless b) so i would be happy if i could just copy and paste from one computer to another, except i have one problem, say im on the laptop if i go into the desktops share folder and i hit copy it says "0kb transfer rate" and after about a minute it says there was a problem also if i do media sharing, i can play anything off my laptop on my desktop (which right now is only sample music so thats kinda lame) but i cant listen to any of my desktop stuff on my laptop, can anyone help me?