UK Law requires ISPs to be honest about broadband speeds 1 reply

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#1 6 months ago

From today, new advertising rules will force internet service providers (ISPs) to be more upfront about exactly how fast your connection should be. Previously, broadband providers could entice people with tantalisingly fast “up to” speeds so long as they were available to at least ten per cent of customers at any time of day. The new average speeds must be available to at least 50 per cent of customers at peak times – i.e. when you’re actually at home trying to stream Netflix in 4K or make a Skype call that doesn’t drop out every two minutes.

Now, if only we could get this law in the US, that would be super. 

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#2 6 months ago

Another death blow for ADSL and Fibre to the Cabinate another win for Virgin, the only ISP in the UK who do fibre to the house.

Most ISP's in the UK offer either ADSL over copper wire phone lines, or they offer "Fiber" broadband, but what this really means is fiber up to the phone cabinate at the end of the road, and copper wire down the street and into your house.

Virign Media are the only company who can run fiber directly into your house.

I am with Virgin Media and they offer me "Up to 200Mb' fiber to the house, I have literally never seen it go below 220mb, I actually get MORE than what I pay for. So they'll be well pleased with this result.

Players like Murdoch's Sky TV and BT on the other hand will now struggle to compete on speed as their services often fall way below the 'advertised' speeds.

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