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#1 10 years ago

ok so i built my current pc around 2 - 3 years ago now i think and the hardware is very outdated so i thinking of upgrading mainly my graphics card and memory.

i currently have a nvidia 7800gt and was thinking of buying another and going for the sli option, but was wondering that would i have to upgrade my cooling system within the pc. i have a clear case atm with 6 80mm fans. Now would this be efficient enough for both of the graphics cards or would i need to upgrade this as well. Now water cooling is out of the question because i wouldn't have a clue on how to install a unit so i would like to steer clean of that.

Failing that option buy a new graphics card. If so the latest g cards today, would my ultra xconnect 500 watt be suitable and also the asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard be suitable?

Now with my memory i have 2X 512mb corsair xms3200 i believe its just standard DDR ( the 1s with the led's on top) now because i have this size memory would i be able to have 2more memory sticks both obviously of the same make and model but with say 1gb per stick, and also i cant seem to find any online. Is this model still available online or has it been replaced with a newer version?

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#2 10 years ago

You could get another 7800gt and wouldn't have any problems with that PSU. However, you wont really get too much of a boost compared to getting a new video card say a 9600GT or Radeon 4830 (both will use less power and be much faster than SLI 7800s). As for the ram, I would suggest you pull out whatever you have now and just get two 1gb sticks since going to 4gb would be rather expensive with normal DDR. Which CPU do you currently have, not that anything on socket 939 wont cause a bottleneck.