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#1 11 years ago

Only about 2 weeks ago I bought this 12 gig USB thumb drive. It's made by a company called "I/O Magic." I wrote some files on to it and it seemed all good. I went to format it in the 'My Computer' where it used to show up as the 'E' drive. Now it doesn't show up in 'My Computer.' When I plug it in the USB slot the light goes blue but after a few seconds it goes orange and stays that way. Is it dead?

EDIT: And this is what happens when I double-click on the taskbar icon of it and try to remove it by clicking the 'stop' action and selecting it. clipboard02da9.jpg

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#2 11 years ago

Not sure, but I'd return it and get a new one just in case.

Another solution could be that your PC has some kind of problem with USB, but that would be difficult to find out or repair. Check if you made any changes to windows before it stopped working and maybe update your motherboard-driver and check motherboard-BIOS-updates for anything connected to USB-problems.


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#3 11 years ago

maybe you have plugged it into a non-high speed usb port


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#4 11 years ago
y0umebednowmaybe you have plugged it into a non-high speed usb port

Thats not going to make a difference, just slower transfer times that way.

Try sticking it in a different computer and see if it works, if its still a no go, its probably dead.

I would also stay away from unknown generic brands, go with a good quality brand and you will have much less trouble.