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#1 15 years ago

Hey Guys

When i bought my pc about half a year ago and i realized i can record things from my VCR to my PC then burn to DVD. Here is the link to my full system specs and details- And i will be using InterVideoDVD Recorder, Because when i open this is shows 2 recording devices one is webcam and one is the tv recorder and on the right the TV box thing is fuzzy and makes a big noise. Now i definatly know i have the Video Recorder but i need to know how to start recording, on Afterdawn i was told to get a S-Video cable and another cable, i then bought both and didnt know were to put the cables, there was a slot for my yellow S-Video cable and the other had no were to go, My video has 3 slots at the front they are the ussual White,Red,Yellow if you guys know what i have to do to start recording please tell me. If this doesnt make sense i will post a pic of my PC's recording slot, Video and the two cables i have. But if you undertstand what i mean please tell me how i can record things through the Video. Thanks alot