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#11 15 years ago
linkinparkYeah that's the one i'm going to buy because £24 seem too much to pay for a fan whereas a £14 one should have the same performance. Also are the PCI slot exhausts worth buying because I have seen one on the overclockers website for only £3.47?

well i think they could be useful as it would extract air from your case, but then again could also be noisy. at that price it may be worth a try. thing is pci slots are at the bottom of a case and we all know warm air rises.

Thinking about it.


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#12 15 years ago


I've always heard good things about the Zalman cooler. Yeah it's $30, but supposedly it runs insanely cool.

I'm thinking I will purchase that with my 7900gt in a couple of months, once I can confirm it's compatible (Zalman's website currently only shows as high as the 7800gt/x1800xt)

What i wanted to say though is that there are some other VGA ram heatsinks people might want to consider over the standard Zalman ones. OCZ makes a nice copper set with full fins (not aluminum with pins like the ones with the Zalman fan). It's $10 (usd), but for overclockers, I'd say well worth it.

( OCZ Copper BGA Ramsink 8 Pack


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#13 15 years ago

As Oblivious alludes, VF700-Cu paired with some decent copper BGA 'sinks like those sold by OCZ.

Quiet and effective. Only downside is that it is a two-slot solution.


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#14 15 years ago

MaxPC just gave the Accelero an excellent review, saying it works great, is dead silent, and a piece of cake to install. If you're looking for ATi cards

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