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14th December 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I just installed a PCI FX5700LE in my friends Dell Dimension 2400, and I'm having some problems. When I first installed the card, the system would not boot properly (after the XP loading screen, it just went blank) so the Dell rep I talked to had me go into the boot menu and select an option called "enable VGA". After this, the computer worked for the rest of last night. When my friend took the computer home this moring and attempted to turn it on, there were a few problems. His monitor is a Dell CRT that takes about 20 seconds to warm up, so hes not sure what happens in the first 20 seconds, but eventually it just ends up at a black screen with a curser (the curser moves). I told him to press F8 repeatedly to reach the same boot menu that the "enable VGA" option was in, but he still reached the black screen and curser... the boot menu never came up. I also had him move the card to a different PCI slot, without any effect. What else could be the problem?


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#2 13 years ago

get into the bios, make sure the HDD is set to #1 boot first. make the video controler AGP, since the default is PCI, this setting can be found in chipset options.