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#1 13 years ago

ok im havin a problem trying to burn a dvd, ok i have two avi files that im trying to make one, i threw them into windows movie maker and strung them together and it made it one file but it put the sound like litterally 5 secounds before the mouth would move on the person or w/e i still tried to burn it anyway, so i ran it through a program i got called avitodvd and created an iso when i burned the image the menu came up fine in my dvd player with the music i added, then i go to play the movie and the beggining like chapter or two (basically just the titles, but i cant really tell if the sound is still off) but then it plays without sound, and if i play it on my computer right after the titles it plays like double speed with no sound so.... anyone know any good freeware programs i can use? or even if i have to pay for them, but i dont need to burn it right away, so if there is a freeware program that takes like 9 hours to compile it and stuff, versus a program that i have to pay for that compiles it in 1 hour, id rather take the freeware program ya know?


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#2 13 years ago


You should first of all use some decent gramar. It would get you a few more responces to your thread.

So, you have AVI files you want to put on a DVD?

You need at least one, maybe two things depending on your desired quality of the DVD.

FIRSTLY, you need an AVI file convertor, AvitoDvD should work fine. But why would you make the AVI's into an ISO? That's pointless. It's the equivalent of just bruning the AVI's onto a DVD just as AVI's. You need to burn them to DVD format, which dosen't really have a specific name beyond DVD.

SECONDLY, if you want menus and such, that's a bit more complicated. You would have to convert the AVI's to MPEG format (a feature that AvItoDvD may have), and them throw them into an program like Adobe Encore DVD add the menu's and then burn them from Encore. It's a very time consuming (and potentially expensive) process if you chose to go at it via this route.

I don't know of any freeware AVI convertors, but I imagine that you might be able to find a decent freeware burner. I personally use Cucusoft AVI to DVD/VCD to convert my AVI's, I like it quite well.