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#21 11 years ago


Ok now I know what kind to get...thanks a bunch.

Do laptop mobos have the same amount of slots for memory as PCs do? I'm thinking 4 slots.

Does this match my CPU-Z specs?

No. Most have 2. You do know that you need the smaller SO-DIMM memory, rather than normal memory, right?


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25th November 2003

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#22 11 years ago
>Omen<Forums like VU's FEAR are full of tech talk about people commonly using a 4GB dedicated swap file partition.

:eek: 4GB just for VM? What a waste of space. I can tell you from experience with my computers that setting a really high VM space makes very little difference if you have a good amount of ram. It can help on older systems with under 512MB memory, but if you have at least 1GB, your just losing disk space with that much IMO.