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#1 10 years ago

Hi guys.

I've run multiple themes on my win XP with no problems at all. Recently I've got a notebook with an self made install of vista home premium - 64-bit. I've managed to patch the three basic files with vistaglazz without any issues. But when I try to replace the browseui I get into problems. I managed to get the registry hack working, which gives me control over said file.

Afterthat, supposedly all I have to do is rename the file and copy paste a new one in there. The renaming goes without problems, but when I try to copy a custom one, I get a pop up if I want to overwrite browseui.dll (renanmed original into broseui.dll.old) and in the end it does not allow me to do so, as it's apparently still in use.

If I try to put %systemroot%\system32\browesui.dll into explorer's address bar, it tells me, it can't locate said file.

I've also tried it with restorator - that does no difference.

As a last option I tried renaming the file, killing explorer in the task manager and copying the new browseui with winrar. That did work. But when I tried to either restart explorer or the entiriety of windows, I get a crash with explorer saying that it cannot locate browseui.dll.

One more thing. I've even tried turning off themes in services.msc (motivy in my language version of vista (cz) and it still does not allow me to overwrite the original file even if it's renamed. Even restoring the old one does nothing. And I've got to say it's total fun running system restore from the task manager.

Any help on getting modded browseui's to work would be appriciated.