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#1 10 months ago

I've been contemplating getting a VR headset for sometime now, but I'm still a bit skeptical.  On the one hand, yeah, playing some of my favorite games with that level of immersion seems awesome, but is that experience worth the cost of equipment?

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#2 10 months ago

I've held out for so long simply because it seemed to me at the time that the "good" stuff was super expensive, and even then, still young. Anything else seemed novelty.

Has that changed? Or is your average user still better off waiting for things to sort of stabilize into some kind of consistent platform before committing?

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#3 10 months ago

Just you wait until you play Euro Truck Simulator 2 in VR....



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5th February 2020

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#4 5 months ago

I've bought a cheap Windows Mixed Reality headset and honestly it is pretty amazing, I would personally not splash out unless you are getting the Valve Index, the next generation of VR is going to be a huge step up, but for £170 I thought I would give it a go, been playing the walking dead VR game and it is honestly impressive. 

I do have to take a break after an hour or so though, but I think this is to be expected. Graphics are outstanding.