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#1 11 years ago

This is more of a guide to 3D models then a 3D example, but I'm sure this could be very useful to many people. In my current game project I am using a lot of models and at first I thought the best thing to use for file size and the lest amount of models would be to save my models as .obj format and use the Mosaic Lite Script. I had only 14 models to load at the time and it took Mosaic Lite almost 22 seconds to load them all, clearly this was unacceptable. Next I decided to convert them to .mod format with Marzipan and found that Marzipan would triple the amount of models because it would split a single .obj file into 3 .mod files, this also was clearly unacceptable. Finally I decided to create another small GM program the uses Mosaic Lite to load the .obj file then save them as GM's native model format with d3d_model_save() I used the file extension .d3d for ease of use. (The conversion process took about 30 seconds.) And the models were converted 1x .obj file to 1x .d3d file , much better then Marzipans attempt which resulted in 3 files per .obj. Then I loaded all 14 models into my game and the load speed was instant, yes thats right, by the time the screen resolution changed, the models were loaded and I was in game. The only downfall with this method is that GM's native model file format is twice the size of the .obj's, ( I had 1mb of .obj's, now I have 2mb of .d3d files) but this is by far compensated by the speed of load such models. I am not trying to give Mosaic Lite a bad name, It is by far a great script however it is just not practical speed wise for loading models for game use. I hope this is helpful in creating your games even faster ________ 3d Models