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11th October 2009

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#21 10 years ago

C38368;5050246Eh, you don't need a lot. 24 hours should be plenty. Paper towels around or under fittings is a good way of testing: they'll be damp after a few hours if you do have a drip.

Ooooooh, you know what else? If you still have a pending order that you haven't placed, or that hasn't shipped yet, get some real barbs. I completely spaced on this earlier, but those plastic pieces of crap that Swiftech uses are the second biggest black mark against them. I use 1/2" OD Fat Boy barbs with G1/4" threads. Swiftech uses BSPP threading on their stuff, but the threaded portion of the barbs doesn't extend deep enough for this to be an issue; the o-rings will seat just fine, just make sure that you don't have tubing torquing on the barb and you won't have any issues.

Will the 1/2" OD Fat Boy barbs with G1/4" threads work with my stuff and how many will I need? Thanks