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#11 9 months ago
Posted by AlDaja

Two turntables and a microphone strapped to a rusty toaster oven...

Sigh...I really need a better computer.  This laptop I'm stuck with is designed for PowerPoint and business stuff.  Amazed it can handle (barely) the SFC3 game mods I've been updating. 

Anyone have suggestions on what I sould look for when I'm ready to purchase?  Mostly play older Star Trek games, Call of Duty, Battlefront, etc...but would like to play the new DOOM (well, new for me, bought it year or so ago and it's still in celophane as my tower died last summer).  

It should not be too long till the next generation of Nvidia GPUs hits the market (first half of 2020 I believe), that might be a good time to pick up a (used) 2070, which should be a good choice for most games as long as you don't want to play 4k or use raytracing. 


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#12 7 months ago

Radeon Gigabyte 5700 here, there has been a few teething issues with drivers but AMD has mostly ironed these out.

Very impressed with the card for the cost, amazing for 1440p gaming.

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#13 7 months ago

I've got a 2070 in there at the moment. It's relatively quiet compared to the AMD I had in there before, which is nice. Mind you, I got the last one when the Witcher 3 came out, so... ya' know, it was getting on a bit.

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