What program opens .cfg files? 11 replies

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#11 14 years ago

Notepad. :p


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#12 6 years ago

[COLOR=Blue]You could use Notepad ++, but you say it's a music file, if you want to change anything about the music itself [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]i recommend Mixpad audio mixer (free), if that's not what your interested in you should download a debugger such as ollydebugger (ollydbg) and make the program decode the text for you. (Educational purposes only) Good Luck! [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]http://roztixtutorials.webs.com/ [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue](on [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]the website you can find Tutorials and codes for programming[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue] and computer technology.) [/COLOR]:cool:

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