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23rd October 2007

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#1 12 years ago


Yay for my 3rd thread this week! Anyways, As mentioned in a previous thread, My motherboard has written on it "EX38-DS4", its obviously not hand written, but printed onto the PCB as you would expect. However, Vista, CPUZ, and Gigabytes "DMI Viewer" say I have an X48-DQ6. At boot time, the Boot image is the "QUAD" feature DQ6 image. The layout and coloring of the sockets and connectors is as you would find on the X48-DQ6 Gigabyte page http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2763 But just that small wording on the PCB has me confused, even though 90% of sources say its an X48-DQ6 At the risk of sounding pathetic, I was considering taking it back AGAIN to MSY and at the very least questioning them about it, but because of the issues I had with them not warranting the EX38-DS4 (I previously had) as a capacitor falling off was "Physical Damage" and "Oh its not replacable now because its past the QA Assurace period" and "Ok, We'll see you in court". I can't afford to take legal action, however if need be I will, buying from MSY I knew when I first got the EX38 was a risk, they had a bad reputation (Atleast the CBD branch did that I brought from) for claiming parts to be one thing they arn't, and not warranting products that are warrantable. I'm just wondering where I stand, what the best way to find out what exactly my motherboard is, and what I should do. At the moment, I'm thinking about just leaving it, If its the DQ6, then I got this years motherboard, for 270AUD rather then 450AUD (270 = Price of old EX38 + 50$ 'repair fee'), but if it is the EX38 then why is everything saying otherwise, making me believe I have a product I don't. Should I at the very least lodge a claim with consumer affairs and see what advice they can give me...Thats free after all. Either way, I either got an expensive motherboard as a replacement of my hell cheap motherboard, or I have a hell cheap motherboard stating to be a hell expensive motherboard, in which others may have the same thing and not know! = illegal!


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15th March 2006

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#2 12 years ago

You could get in touch with Gigabyte first, if they'll confirm what it is (or isn't) then it gives you something solid to go on.


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#3 12 years ago

Doesn't your motherboard say on it which model it is? It could actually be a X38 motherboard, with a X48 bios on it. The same way that people would flash X38 based Asus boards to the Rampage formula.