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#1 2 years ago

I'm mostly console, never really had a laptop that works with games very well, have a HP thingie which plays some stuff like wow, but if I want to play Witcher 3 on a decent laptop, whats a good thing to recommend? Need it for uni and shit like that too though so nothing super massive or blingy, just an average looking laptop thats good at games. Oh, and if possible for under $700~?

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#2 2 years ago

Cheap, light and gaming don't usually mix very well in a laptop.

For under 700 bucks you are unlikely to get anything faster than a GTX950m as graphics card. You can look up some benchmarks here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-950M.138026.0.html

you might be able to play Witcher 3, but at rather low resolution and detail settings. For that game you will probably want something like a 970m or maybe a 965m. Assuming you want to play at a decent resolution and quality setting. Laptops with the 965m start at around 1000 bucks.

Another option is to buy a dirt cheap laptop for uni and a used gaming desktop with a GTX970 from e-bay. Or get the console version f the Witcher and buy a more expensive uni laptop.

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#3 2 years ago

My uni experience is that a cheap laptop is plenty for doing most things college related. I'm going into my 5th and final year of undergrad and I've been running a 1st-gen i3 laptop I purchased used for $300 5 years ago. My university has computers available to students all over the place as well, so I often use them to avoid the hassle of bringing a laptop along (if your university's IT department is worth their weight in dirt they'll have some sort of ftp you can access easily from inside and outside the school network). My desktop PC is much more of a budget powerhouse, and that's what I use for more intensive school assignments and gaming. I built it at about a $1000 price point ~3 years ago and it still blows any laptop you can get for that price out of the water.

This is what I prefer. I've never been able to get much done on a tiny laptop screen - too much eye strain and claustrophobia and not enough room for the number of windows required to be open for serious work. I have a 2-3 monitor setup that I use. With 4k monitors becoming more mainstream, I'd bet you could get a couple 1080p monitors or even 2.5k monitors used for quite cheap.

There's also a risk factor involved with having a very nice laptop. If you have a choice of which laptop to take off with in a room, are you going to take the crappy 5-year-old one with scratches and dents all over or the Alienware?  It may be better to buy a cheap used one for work along with a current-gen console for games if you're tight on budget and need games and a portable computer.

If you're still insistent on the gaming laptop solution, refer to MrFancypants' post.