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#11 12 years ago

n0e;3718982the extreme processors will never go that low (at least not for a few years). The main reason is they're unlocked.

I currently use the evga 680i motherboard and it works just fine. evga is also on the ball with bios updates so keep an eye on their website every month or two and see if they fix anything for you.

I know the latest (p28) upate added an instruction set from intel for the core 2 processors that supposedly helps stability and gives better performance.

I haven't seen the change, but I feel better knowing it's there.

Yes they will, check the price for the new E65xx series. I admit I was wrong 260$ it will be the price when you buy 1000 peaces but I think It will not be over 290$ anyway

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#12 12 years ago

I'm not talking about the standard 1000 piece bulk price that everyone uses to state a cpu price. I'm referring to the retail price per single unit, which is a vast difference. You're looking at the price curve and assuming that these labled processors will follow suit of the others in the line. They don't. They never have because they're not considered mainstream. They're for enthusiasts only, as most people won't want to spend the sort of money on a cpu.

The pentium 4 extreme edition still runs about $1k. The LGA 775 version runs at the lowest in the mid 700 range.

Extreme Edition processors will not go down in price to the levels of the lesser versions.

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