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#1 12 years ago
[COLOR=navy]Ok so I have a gaming computer and I am thinking bout remodling it. But I might just buy a base style computer and build off of it. :((MY COMP KEEPS HAVING BLUE SCREEN AND JUST IN TIME ERRORS):( But if I was to pick a base computer which company is a good company.[/COLOR]



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#2 12 years ago

How much do you know about computers?

If you have at least a moderate knowledge, build your own for best results.

Otherwise, what is your price range?


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#3 12 years ago

I built my current comp. But I will buy the parts and put them in. I want a better comp. Im lookin at $500 worth of upgrades for now. What would anyone recomend. Note: I need to upgrade to a PCI Card, I have an AGP for now. 7600 GS OC