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#1 14 years ago

I just tried starting up my PC and everything works fine until i get to the desktop. I wait a few seconds and the PC boots back up and then goes to the desktop again. This happened twice until finally an error screen came up and windows is acting fine now. Anyone know what happened or if i should be worried by it??? Here is the screeny of the error screens Thanks guys


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#2 14 years ago

I just did a Google search, and it turns out, its your Dock. Microsoft detected the Mac OS X style dock, and choked. :D

Seriously, it appears to have been the cause of a number of blue screens of death, in the past.

Error code 1000007f = "UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP_M" - The first parameter displayed on the blue screen specifies the trap number. Trap number 0x00000000, or Divide by Zero Error, may indicate memory corruption. Other hardware problems, or software failures can cause this error. See the the link to Bug Check codes for more explanations about various trap numbers.

I'd say either a program, or driver has gotten corrupted. It could have been one of those random Program/Hardware conflicts that appear every once in a while. It is a generic "Such and Such has crashed, and will be closed by Windows" error.

If it occurs again,... The Solution: Trial and Error... 1. Try disabling nearly all the programs that run at boot. Then run a set of a few of them, to try and quickly isolate the problem program(s), or driver(s).

2. Try pulling out one Ram stick, and run Windows with it only. Then try the other by itself.

Try reseating the video card.

Try Moving the other cards around, to different slots.

Blow all the dust out of the computer. (This needs to be done anyway).


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#3 14 years ago

nice dock you got there, where did you get it from?