Windows XP Media Center Edition and connecting it to the TV - How to do? 0 replies

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#1 13 years ago

My parents just got a new ├╝ber Dell (512mb Nvidia 7900GTX, 2gb RAM, 2x250gb HD etc etc you get the point) and it also comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition so I'm going to buy a TV-IN card and a Microsoft MCE remote and hook it up with the TV so I can record TV programs and all the other neat stuff you can do with the media center (the 500gb HD is there for a reason :p).

Now I'm not completely lost when it comes to this. I'm pretty sure how to do it but I'll ask you guys so I know that I wont buy the wrong stuff ;). The TV isn't the newest so you can only connect to it with SCART. I'd like to know if I can drag the cables like this:

Connecting the TV antenna to the TV-IN card is no problem. My question regards how I should drag (is it the right word?) the cables from the TV-OUT on the graphics card to the TV. Is it possible to do like this:

I will have to use a SCART adaptor:

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For video: A s-video cable from the TV-OUT slot to the scart adapter:

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For audio: A 3.5mm to 2xRCA cable from the soundcard to the scart adaptor:

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Will this work?