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#1 12 years ago

[COLOR=black]This is one for you sys admin types. Just spent 4 hours fixing up the parents laptop, it was running like a dog and the net connection was sporadic at best, so got most of the spyware of, Spybot cant remove something called mywebsearch?, Google reports its probably not malicios (sp?) so for the mo that can stay. Anyhow im pretty sure its all the bollox my sister keeps installing / chav websites ect thats been doing it, so I have set up a few user accounts as it seems they were all logging on with the admin account. The accounts are as follows :

Mine (Admin rights) Mum's account (Power User) Sister (User / Limited)

Now what I want to do is have the user account as restricted as possible, essentialy a read only account, dont want anything getting installed, but a quick test (downloaded Chrome) indicates that installs are still possible on that accout. Now with a standard Windows XP install is it possible to lock it down more or is that the best I can get?

The laptops on my network so as you can imagine I want to limit the amount of **** that gets onto the machine.[/COLOR]