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#1 12 years ago

Hi, Okay, my Logitech Force 3D Pro joystick was not centering correctly, it just kind of flopped around. So what do I do? I take it apart of course because the problem is clearly something inside the joystick like a spring or something.

Once I had it all apart I see it has motors that control the stick (for the force effect) and I thought well maybe the motors center the stick as well and there is no spring mechanism. Oh, and gee whiz maybe the motors would do their job IF I PLUG IN THIS LITTLE POWER CORD THINGY!

Well that took care of that problem. However when I put it back together, there was one connector on the stick itself that is for the rudder or stick twist function. I could not find where to plug it in. The connector is only about an inch long so there is a limited area as to where it can go. The stick still twist and springs back correctly, but the computer always detects that it is twisted full right because the sensor is not connected. I am certain I did not lose any parts because I had them all organized on my table.

I know its a long shot, but has anyone ever been into one of these and maybe have some info that might help. I contacted Logitech hoping to get an exploded view but they did not come through with one.

Thanks, Bill

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#2 12 years ago

If it is a connector then there can't be so many places it can go to, right? You could just try them out.

If you don't get it to work again don't worry too much about it. The twist function seems to be the primary cause for failures in joysticks, so chances are you just improved the lifetime of your stick by a few years.

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#3 12 years ago

Guess you should have checked the LITTLE POWER CORD THINGY before taking it apart. Oh well, you know next time.

BTW: Thanks for the laugh.