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#1 11 years ago

So, basically i want to put one of my FLAC cd rips of the Sisters of MErcy on Youtube, since there is only a bad quality live version.

I read that users can only stream high quality sound if they also get HD video. So, i'm just going to output the album cover with the FLAC song (or the highest mp3 rip possible if the encoder does not support it) into an 1080/720p video so i get the highest sound quality. Right?

Also, I'm on XP, and it's movie maker has no support for 720/1080 or what ever, only PAL and NTSC shit. Aret here any light-weight (less than 200mb or so) free movie maker programs? I don't have my Sony Vegas disc plus i can't work with it, and it's not needed, no real video editing involved, only HD output needed.

Or should i just borrow my dad's laptop with Vista for this? I want a solution for my pc too, so i don't need to lend his all the time.

EDIT: I found a nice 720plugin for Movie MAker Win Xp. Seems to do the job. :) But still, is my HD theory right?