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#1 5 months ago

So apparently channels like LinusTechTips, Surny and Aztrosizt had their accounts suspended temporarily for mentioning Twitch on their channels, which is fucking insane cause these are some big players, that's a pretty ballsy move by YouTube, and although these guys are now back on, it seems like other, smaller channels are going to get canned permanently. 

The fight between YouTube and Twitch just got a little uglier. Producers like Linus Tech Tips, Surny and Aztrosizt have complained that YouTube abruptly (though temporarily) terminated their accounts for using videos to promote their Twitch streams, such as LTT's The WAN Show. It's not that the videos weren't violating rules (the site has long forbidden videos that primarily "drive people off of YouTube").   
Rather, it's that YouTube is only now enforcing the rules for videos promoting Twitch streams, and that it's being unusually aggressive -- it immediately terminated accounts instead of issuing strikes. This is oddly harsh when the company has been softer on channels that have done much worse, such as pushing false conspiracies that could lead to harassment and threats. 

Surely this is just going to push people onto Twitch? Seems a little heavy handed and lack of forethought on YouTube's part here?

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#2 5 months ago

YouTube is a dumpster fire. I have no idea what's going on in their management, but they've been fucking over people for over a year now. At first, they began demonetising videos that were LGBTQ+ supportive. Then they began running ads by bigots on those videos, so before you could watch a video on an issue faced by the LGBTQ+ community, you'd have to sit through some old ass preacher telling you about how he thinks being gay is a sin.

And then they began randomly demonetising or otherwise manipulating videos of medium sized creators in order to promote whoever presumably paid them the most. Popular, good hearted creators such as Gav/Miracle of Sound ended up with people being automatically unsubscribed from his channel or not having his videos show up in their feeds/on search.

Wouldn't surprise me if GameFront's YouTube channel got blocked for being vaguely associated with this forum and thus the criticism of YouTube at this point :

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#3 5 months ago

Not to defend YouTube here (because they rarely deserve it) but I recall reading some more about this and it wasn't what was originally thought.

Even Linus confirmed it wasn't related to Twitch specifically. I'll have to find the post I recall seeing.

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#4 5 months ago

so if my videos have a link to another site, they could temporarily suspend my account?

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#5 4 months ago

How about all those gamers who record the entire stream, and upload it to YouTube?


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#6 4 months ago

Apparently this was in their terms of service from the get-go, that users are not allowed to point users to 3rd party content (or something along those lines). It is only recently that they  began enforcing this rule though.

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#7 4 months ago

It's probably prudent for them to have this in their TOS but by enforcing it through account bans, surely that's just going to encourage those channels to go to competitors, especially the big name channels.

Seems like cutting their nose off to spite their face.

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#8 4 months ago

Stupid if you ask me, why would they even try this?

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