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11th August 2006

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A long time ago… In a galaxy far, far away… STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: FREEDOM’S FALL It is a time of galactic unrest. With the fall of the second death star, Imperial forces have been driven into the Core Systems, and new powers have risen. Thousands of worlds are now being fought over, as the New Republic desperately tries to restore order. The Killik race, under the leadership of their Prime Unu, threatens the galaxy with war. Luke Skywalker is training his army of Jedi Knights, tasked with the burden of leading the New Republic to ultimate victory. Meanwhile, weapons of war are being constructed to defeat the New Jedi Order, and the Senate believes it is only a matter of time before all hope is lost. Pirate fleets raid the galaxy’s trade routes, and chaos rules over order. Powerful leaders on all sides believe it is only a matter of time before galactic war begins… This is a forum RPG for all of you star wars fans with unlimited possibilities, there is no restrictions you take your character where you want to take it. There is many factions..the Cyrnak the most powerful of all, a good guys association that ships and runs a powerful company with a powerful fleet, the caparacians are at war with the telosian empire, the telosian empire a weak but upcoming empire tries to gain power, the hutts virtually the scum of the galaxy, the new republic holding their planets with love and care, the chiss inactive need a leader. and soon to enter the scene MANDALORIANS :) anyway as you can see the possibilities are endless, you can create factions (no 1 man factions you need 2 or 3 posters) you can create INDEPENDANT characters...who start at the bottom but can work their way to an esteemed bounty hunter or entertainer or WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO BE starting with 50,000 credits. There is rules but no severe ones this is alot of fun Some factions are even looking for leaders with treasures and unlimited money at your disposal if you have any questions ask them in this thread and i will answer... Join guys this will be super fun if we get some members...we have 4 solid ones and a few on again off agains, at one time it was VERY active Episode VIII: Freedom's Fall :: Index let your journey begin!