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9th November 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Does anybody now if WolfToolSDK is good for map making, cause I want to make some SP maps, and all I have is SDK, and GTKRadiant, but I heard that SDK is made to allow for even better SP maps. Also, are there any tutorials for SDK???


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11th February 2002

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#2 15 years ago

PLEASE: read the sticky to save yourself trouble. Its almost like people that post here can't read..... dohhhh...... I took the time to give you all the informations and links to all the needed tools to make the best map possible. I know what I am doing. the list of tools is at the bottom of the links grouped together. WolfRad is not included as its out of date and half functional. read on........ and pay attention.

I am not sure how wolfrad (wolftools) could be better at making SP maps than GTKRadiant. There both radiant programs made by the same people. The difference is that GTKRadiant has grown and is updated to include everything you would need. WolfRad was just the first editor used for RTCW and is not fully functional to do everything you might want.

if you must set up wolfrad (God knows why you would want to.) you need to unpack all you textures and I would update your entity.ini

or just use GTKRadiant which takes care of everything for you.