How much do you REALLY like Star Wars? -1 reply

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12th September 2006

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#51 12 years ago

i'd like to say a 7-8, although i'm much closer to a 10. i have the original trilogy ('87 edition) on vhs, the special edition on vhs, episode 1-6 on dvd, all games that have ever been released for pc, about 30 books, 30 comics, a few action figures, 3 costumes (stormtrooper, jedi, sith) ... as said, probably a 10 :naughty::smokin::cya:

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27th January 2008

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#52 11 years ago

i have an exstensive knowledge of star wars, i have all the movies on dvd and almost all of the games, i have $300 worth of star wars minatures and i never get bored of any of it. NOTE:what i said in my vote is true and so is everything i said here. if there is anything you would like to discuss you know my name.

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15th September 2004

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#53 11 years ago

Don't bump threads over about 6 months old please.


EDIT: Actually, the revival rules are for 2 years (I should know because I wrote them), so I'll see about it.