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Commander Dox

You have not seen war.

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1st June 2007

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#61 12 years ago

I would also wear the Commando armor:nodding:. t_RC01.jpg


Sneaking about...

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17th April 2007

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#62 12 years ago

Hmm Light Repeating Blaster DH-44 Blaster (I think that's what its called) Monofilament Poisoned Blade Long Vibrosword Thermal Detonators Concussive Grenades The Star Wars version of Flash Bangs Some kind of prodding stick, that shocks people lol A Stasis Generator to catch people And an unmistakingly awesome charming accent ;)

As for armour Mandalorian Armour, like Fett's ;)

The Typer

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20th June 2006

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#63 12 years ago
Commander Dox;3754900I would also wear the Commando armor.

It is called Katarn armor. I think you would want Mark III Katarn armor, or if you wanted to go extra stealthy you could use the Night Ops Katarn Armor.

I would probably use the Mark III Armor, a DC 17 Sniper Rifle Attachment, the shotgun in Jedi Outcast, E-11 Blaster Rifle, a clear, noiseless lightsaber, DC 17 Anti-Armor Attachment (just in case I wanted to blow something up), and the retractable knuckle plate vibroblade.