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25th February 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Sound & Graphics Mod v1.0 for RTCW

This sound mod is the largest and most complete sound mod ever created for RTCW! Almost every sound & effect in the game has been changed for the better! This mod also includes EXTRA VOICE COMMANDS then the default RTCW commands.

Default RTCW allies voice commands: 55 mod's allies voice commands: 169

Default RTCW axis voice commands: 55 mod's axis voice commands: 157

Thats a total of 353 speech/voice commands in this mod. 243 more then the default RTCW speech/voice commands

The EXTRA VOICE COMMANDS are more realistic to WWII and provide a better communication between players and the team. The extra voice commands can be used by (binding) the /vsay & /vsay_team commands in RTCW. (see the info button).

The sound mod consists of 2 files, one for the main sounds & allies voice commands and the second for the axis (German) voice commands. The axis file as German speech with English text. The reason behind a separate file for axis is.. If you do not like the German speech you can delete this file and still keep the wicked sound mod and the allies voice commands.

In addition 2 the sounds there are also some changes to some of the graphics is the game. Below are a few screenshots. MORE can be seen at http://iceclan.fragism.com

xMed_Packs.jpg xAmmo_Packs.jpg xAllies_Medic1.jpg xAllies_Medic2.jpg