New website finally destroys last vestiges of the old republic... -1 reply

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25th October 2005

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#1 4 years ago

Well it's happened.

They've finally removed last vestiges of any form of support for LucasArts.

As foshjedi2004 I've been a moderator over at for 10 years and today I logged in to find the forums have gone without even an email to say "Hey, we're doing this"....

Oh well..

I will admit that I've not been on frequently in the last few months due to RL but there was literally no support for us since the takeover.

I wonder what it will mean for support for those Lucasgames which are still being sold & running...

Sorry... Just a little rant.


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7th December 2003

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#2 4 years ago

I get why they would try to distance themselves from existing Star Wars stuff in order to market their new Star Wars stuff, but that is no reason to give the finger to the old community, which may well turn out to be relevant in the new community.

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26th May 2003

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#3 4 years ago

Real classy way to tell people you don't give a fuck about them >_<

Just, bleh. Companies are utterly horrible a fair amount of the time.

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10th August 2004

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#4 4 years ago

I'm sure you're on a Disney kill list for this.


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1st February 2010

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#5 4 years ago

[COLOR=Blue]Does that have anything to do with LucasForums? That is still alive and well. [/COLOR]