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9th March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

I have a question about the legacy books,you know the one's with jacen solo and lumiya and all them.Im currently reading Bloodlines and i wana know this,is there a current emporer because i havent heard or seen one in the book yet and i just wana know if there is one.


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15th March 2004

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#2 10 years ago

In the Legacy books, there are no "Emporers", at least not yet, There is the 5 worlds Prime Minister (or whatever it is), for the Correlins - I think it is Thracken Sal Solo in that book, and the Chief of State (Cal Omas) for the Galactic Alliance. Later on, the Political Alleigences will change a bit, but I think these are the ones for the current.